Our Black & White timeless collection showcases the distinct creative talents of our design team and how they transform wardrobe staples into standout items. Central to the Camouflaged design goal is creating a chic yet easy-to-wear, casual street style, fused from our exclusive and top quality fabrics. That needle-like attention to detail includes the shimmer in our yarns, the chains woven into our tweeds and then applying it all to a range of contrasting textiles from fine leather and denim to silk and our signature look of woven fabrics.


C H A I N   T W E E D

Each of our textiles is unique and exclusive. They are the result of the finest selection of yarns and fabrics, and the creativity of our design team. "Chain" Tweed is a particular technique we use in our exclusive textiles, in which actual delicate chains are subtly woven into the fabric.


R E D E F I N E   S T R E E T W E A R

Our unique and exclusive textiles are crafted with care and expertise. Applying them to streetwear was the bold decision our design team took to make Camouflaged a unique concept, where neither style nor quality are compromised. Our design team makes dauntless choices and dares to try new things. By creating new and innovative textiles we push the boundaries of what is possible and create unique and rare pieces. Our woven silk tweeds and tweeds woven with chains are examples of this art. We then push the creative boundaries further by the use of contrasting textiles in some of our pieces, such as leather and tweed, denim and silk or denim and tweed.



Our creative director Nicole Kim showcases in the CAMOUFLAGED Timeless black and white collection her love for details. Whether by the shimmer of our yarns, the chains in our tweeds or our customized findings, the details make our casual and hip shapes into unique and trendy pieces. Particular attention to quality is infused into each of our textiles and garments. Not only are all of our textiles hand inspected after weaving, but every seam and detail of our finished garments are reviewed for a perfect finish.

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